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Farmer Jed's Big Red Barn 3.5" Resin(2009)

Note: If ya ask Farmer Jed, he'll tell ya that early to bed, early to rise, may make a man helthy, wealthy and wise...but mostly it just plain makes him tired! Such is the life for a farmer in the Village of Boydsville. While city folks, dressed in their fanciest duds, head out to their high falootin' offices every morning, Farmer Jed and his son, Little Jed Junior, make their way to the office...their Big Red Barn. No shufflin' papers or tendin' to matters of high finance here. No Siree...instead Farmer Jed spends his days cleanin' out the horse stalls on the first floor while Junior tends to the chickens in the loft. Location -Cab 2D


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